Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 6 MTC- July 26, 2016

HANDA. KANTA! (We sing an Ilonggo hymn before every class and since there aren't a lot of pianos and instruments at churches in the Philippines, the director just sings the first 2 meters alone and then says "handa, kanta!"- which means "ready, sing!" and everyone joins in. Except we didn't start conjugating and using handa in any other context except for that for the first couple of weeks so now when ever our teachers ask "handa?" for any activity- we all respond "kanta!" So that's how I'm currently feeling about the Philippines TOMORROW. As handa as I'll ever be and stoked out of my mind to serve all of the incredible people that I'll meet there. We leave tomorrow night and land in Manila sometime Friday morning and because of time zone changes we basically lose July 28 which is kind of sad BUT when we fly back next Christmas- I'll get an extra day of Christmas so I'm pretty excited.

The last week has been insane because it has FLOWN by (just like the other 5 weeks) and our room is trashed right now because my companion and I's stuff is EVERYWHERE because we're trying to pull everything together before we leave the country for 17 months. We made a trip to the book store last week and I spent WAY too much money because we both had mini heart attacks about being in a third world country for a year and a half and I bought maybe like 4 things of toothpaste which probably was unnecessary. But it's whatever, no regrets. The coolest thing about this past week is that we've spent a lot of time just going over all of the things that we've learned during out time at the MTC as our classes wrap up and we prepare for the real world. On Friday the MTC runs a thing called "Infield Orientation" where ALL of the missionaries that are flying out the next week meet together and have classes and workshops all day and it was AMAZING. There were so many good points but one of my favorites was the importance of raising our expectations. If we don't think we're going to make a difference- we probably aren't. They talked so much about how important it was to set goals and try our hardest every single day if we want to achieve our full potential and bless as many lives as we can. 

My companion hosted (helped her around on her first day) a sister from Thailand a couple of weeks ago and she's in a trio with another sister from Thailand and a sister from Brazil who are all here learning English together and we've all become great friends and they are some of the nicest people that I've ever met so whenever Sister Fawcett and I have free time we like to go visit them at night because they are literally the happiest people I've met in my entire life and I wish I had a picture of them but I should have one by next week so I'll send it then...

Still love my district and my zone so much- so many incredible people and I love them all so much and I made them all promise that we'd have lots of reunions at BYU after our missions. Also when we leave tomorrow THIRTY ONE elders and sisters come in to replace us- that's basically 4x as many as us. It's insane and we're SO excited for the zone, in the time that I've been here it's grown from 8 people to 46 and in the next 3 weeks there will be more than 50. Exciting things are happening in the Philippines right now!

Also my district found out how bad I am at geography and everyone makes fun of me because apparently the rocky mountains go all the way up into Canada (who knew?), also I thought Malaysia was above the Philippines, and every time we watch anything with a picture of nature everyone goes "hey, that looks like Virginia!" because I apparently do that... oops. 

ANYWAYS. Out of time because have to go pack and do my laundry (last time with machines!). I love each of you so so much you have no idea. Thanks for all of the emails and letters and support you have no idea how much it means to me. ALSO I haven't gotten any mail since Saturday morning because of a holiday in UT yesterday, but I should get everything tonight and I'll respond next week, so don't be offended. 

Kabalo ako nga palangga kita sang Dios kag mga bata kita niya. Kabalo ako nga matuod ang Simbahon ni Jesucristo sang mga Santos sa Ulihing mga Adlaw. Kabalo ako nga ginpanumbalik sang Dios ang ebanghelyo paagi kay Joseph Smith kag propeta si Joseph Smith kag pulong sang Dios ang Libro ni Mormon. Kabalo ako nga ginpadala sang Dios si Jesucristo para sa aton kag paagi sa pagbayad-sala ni Jesucristo, makatinluan kita sa tanan mga sala naton kag makabalik nga magbuhi upod sang Dios para sa walay katipusan. Nagapasalamat ako para sa mabuhi nga mga propeta kag apostoles kag makabaton sila sang pagpahayag halin Dios para sa aton. Nagapasalamat ako para sa opportunidad ko nga magtudlo kag magalagad kag palangga sang mga tawo sa Philippines tungod kabalo ako nga buligon sila paagi sa ini ebanghelyo. 

(I know that God loves us and that we are his children. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint is true. I know that God restored the gospel through Joseph Smith and that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that God sent Jesus Christ for all of us and that through Christ's atonement, we are able to become clean of all of our sings and are able to return to live with God for eternity. I am grateful for living prophets and apostles that are able to receive revelation from God for us all. I am grateful fo rthe opportunity that I have to teach and search and love the people of the Philippines because I know that they will be blessed through the gospel)


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